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Just A Few Of Our Most Popular Treats.

Crunch and Munch Milky Way

A Crunchy Treat Coated With A Chocolate and Milky Ways with Milky Way Bites


M&M Bark

M&M's with Milk, Dark, or White Chocolate


Crunch and Munch Smores

A Crunchy Treat Coated with Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Marshmallows


Crunch and Munch Nutella Almond

A Crunchy Treat Coated with Dark Chocolate, Nutella, and Almond Butter


About Us

In 2020, during the pandemic I had time to create something that I could share with others. The name Davidiah came from mashing 2 names David and Obadiah together to create a unique name. Our goal is to create treats and desserts that the whole family can share in, even those with peanut allergies, diabetes, and those that are looking for keto friendly treats as well.

Diabetic friendly and keto friendly treats are to be on the website by June 2021.

Please reach out and contact me for any questions, or if you are looking for treats for a company party or fundraisers.


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